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Candyfloss (American: cotton candy) is a favourite of holiday goers.

It is merely a fluffy blob of spun sugar, typically containing just a kilo or two of table sugar. Whilst often coloured pink, it can be made in any number of colors. The airy look and subtle sparkles are very attractive to anyone. And did we mention the sugar? For many, it also invokes memories of past holidays. Plus, there is the sugar.

Since it can't be made without special equipment, it is always the first thing that vacationers will hunt down when at a resort, country fair or at seaside. For there is nothing better than a dusty or sand-covered ball of fresh candyfloss on a stick. And whilst the kids will always lose a balloon with the resultant crying and screaming, candyfloss will adhere to their hair, forehead, jumper or parent and so may provide another sugary snack days later.

Parents should be careful not to exceed 6 sticks a day for small children. This is because they will become too heavy to manoeuver in a pushchair. Adults can easily eat more, as the resultant heart attacks will generate loads of sympathy from the little ones.

Eat, drink and be merry. For tomorrow we die[edit]