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The United Principalities of Canadaland

Canadaflag.png Moose.png
(Flag) (Coat of Arms)
Motto: Eh?
Anthem: The Hummer Limo Song Song
Capital Otter
Largest city Tonto
Official languages English, Gibberish
Government Monarchy and some other stuff
National Hero(es) Arnold Schwarzenegger
Currency Dollar, eh?
Religion Stuartism
Population Quite a lot
Area North America
Population density Denser than snow, but not water.
Ethnic groups Diverse
Major exports Maple syrup
Major imports Maple syrup
National animal Maple syrup dog
Favourite pastime Maple syrup eating
Opening hours 5AM-12PM (Northern Areas)
Internet tld .eh
Calling code 12345

Welcome to Canada, eh? Want to have a bit of fun with my moose herd? I'll tell ya though, they's pretty evil mooseses. They'll run you o -- oh wait, too late.


We've got a great history here in Canada, eh. Some people from France came overseas in search of gold and instead they just find mooses and crazy injuns... eh. Next up, the Brits come over and force the French back into that place we call Quebec. And they've been bitchin' at us for independance. Well, they shoulda made their colonies elsewhere for chrissakes!


Loonies, eh. Lotsa them. We also barter in snow and ice.


All Canadians like snow, maple syrup and hockey. A Canadian who doesn't play hockey is like an American who doesn't stereotype people from other countries.


Bunch of lunatics, eh. Look at them, finger pointing and shouting when the government is in session...

Maple syrup[edit]

Main article: Maple syrup

Maple syrup is a liquid, solid and a gas from Canada that is only developed once a year, in October, if the fat lady sings.

Oh? Canada?[edit]