Can rocks laugh?

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There's only one way to find out. Go outside. Find a rock. Not a twig. Or an orange. Everyone knows that oranges can laugh.[citration needed] But can rocks? Find one. Any rock will do. Bring it inside and juggle, and see if you can hear it laughing. If you can't, throw it. If you can, add it to your collection. If you can't hear the rock, it's because you aren't funny.

If you aren't funny, then to solve this, place your toes in your mouth and snort yourself (this may take several months of practice). Which will then bestow Powers of Amusement upon you. Which you'll then use to amuse the moon until it sends you back by placing you on its face and snorting you through the center of a black hole. Leaving you with your rock, on which you can then spend your lifetime practicing the sagely art of being funny.

If you practice long enough, you'll soon come to smell funny. To which the rock will respond by smelling laughy.