Camp Sunny Smiles

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Camp Sunny Smiles is a peaceful campsite where McGee's sister live. It is led by Buttsquat that he make all of the rules to ban campers from Camp Lakebottom. After the series finale, Camp Sunny Smiles is banned due to Buttsquat's vengeance or his responsibility by dumping other few campers...

Wait, is this another band camp story or did you just make this one up? There was no guy with an axe running around and killing everybody? Then what the good is this? Come on, get with the program, here. You're supposed to tell a scary story! See, look over there! Susie went berserk with a samurai sword because of unresolved issues with her grandmother. You go girl!! And there's Theresa sitting across from me all quiet like with a blank expression, but if you look carefully, that's not her head on her own body. Now that is scary! What's worse is that you're a BEAR and you should know a whole bunch of these scary camp stories by heart. So tell me one RIGHT NOW or you will die a horrible death like the others.