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Joyful throngs of foreign tourists crowd the decks as they arrive in Cambodia courtesy of their governments.


Conveniently located in southeast Asia, Cambodia is ready to serve the needs of governments around the world. Remember The Killing Fields? Yes, that is what made Cambodia famous worldwide and justifiably so.

Does your nation have too many rebellious intellectuals and student dissidents? Send them to Cambodia! You say your so-called intellectuals aren't any smarter than the average gopher? No problem! Cambodia considers people wearing glasses to be intellectuals, perfect for our re-education camps. So just put glasses on them before sending them here via shipping container (FOB rate). Hate rock 'n roll? No problem! Cambodia solved the problem of their rock singers and musicians just like that. Ozzy Osbourne, Cambodia is saving a place just for you!

Got religious minorities? Refugees from elsewhere? Send them to Cambodia right now! Shipping container is the preferred shipment method of sending them as Cambodia charges by weight. Catapult or air drop is also accepted for a minimal extra charge.

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