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Cakefruit is the the worst insult of all time, for reasons that escape us at the moment. Still:

  • In ancient Babylonia, a graffitist wrote the equivalent of "cakefruit" on the Tower of Babel under construction, causing riots and the destruction of the structure.
  • In Ancient Egypt, an argument ending with an Egyptian farmer calling a Hittite soldier a cakefruit resulted in decades of warfare.
  • In 1914, an innocent request to Kaiser Wilhelm of Germany from France about his recipe for fruitcake was mistranslated and ignited World War I.
  • In 1945, a French company released a snack called Cakefruit in Vietnam, causing riots and eventually, the Indochina War. As American generals liked the product, they continued the war to keep up production but finally gave up in 1975 due to pressure from the Twinkies Company.
  • In 1979, Russians invaded Afghanistan in the belief that Afghanis were using the word "cakefruit" to refer to the Soviet ambassador.
  • During an online Scrabble game in 2003, Saddam Hussein played the word Quigebo, that George W. Bush thought was the word cakefruit. He ordered the invasion of Iraq the next day.

So it's a dangerous word. Don't use it, you cakefruit, you.