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  This section is Logical, it is meant to be. Prepare to be bored.  
  Sensible Section  

  CCP: Constantly Created Pages.  

Sometimes, like in Uncyclopedia, (see Uncyclopedia:CVP) Wackypedia gets people coming along making pages that are vanity, slander, libel, or break the rules. Other times, a group of people will come from the same site and create pages about someone or something that doesn't belong on Wackypedia. This is fine, it's easy to delete it. Occasionally though, the page keeps being recreated. If they have a dynamic IP, it's too hard to ban them, they'll be coming back. CCP can solve both of these problems. An admin will redirect the constantly recreated page to here, and protect the page.

List of CCP'd pages 'AKA' The Hall of Shame