But how did he get stuck in da frst plce?????!!!!!

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The Imaginary Fluffy Person got stuck in the holy broken chair of fluffyness. He broke the chair to break free. But he was sitting on that chair and one day that chair decided to fly. That chair died. So the chair is broken for sure. The holder of the chair is not the Imaginary Fluffy Person. I mean thats not his name but he is fluffy. He is called Richie Get to work. Richie is his first name and get to work is his last name. This all happened 1973 years ago.

How he discovered the Holy Broken Chair of Fluffiness[edit]

That guy was a former priest but he quit one week after he became a priest. So as soon as he touched the chair it became holy. It was the ancient chair his oldest ancestor made. He found it locked in a closet and the chair was blue and he loves blue chairs did i mention he loves blue so that means he is you know what that is why he discovered. He couldnt find the key to locked closet so he asked Horses4Ever where the key was and she found it in her pocket. He opened and discovered the chair.

How it got broken[edit]

One day the chair decided to fly. That chair died. He got it repaired but then he got trapped in te holy broken chair of fluffiness so he broke out.

How it got fluffy[edit]

Fluff is a boy and Richie loved Fluff so he is you know what. The chair had a coat of a lot of fluff cotton and soft animal fur. He killed 8,416 large animals like random operating theater of computers and computers spawned by computers throwing computers and he had all the fluff on the chair.

The rest[edit]

Richie get to work died 8,416 years ago when he was 8,416 years old. The chair is still alive which is in my house.

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