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The original Bunny Beer bottle circa 1960

Bunny Beer is a brand of beer that has a picture of a bunny on it's bottle. You will love this beer because it will remind you of bunnies and grandma's cooking while you drink it. If you don't drink bunny beer it is probably because you don't have a grandma and you are a boring, cold Scrooge. If you do drink this beer you will be reminded of grandma's cooking and... Wait! I already said that! I probably shouldn't be drinking bunny beer while writing this adver...oops I mean article.

Bunny Beer Bellies[edit]

Bunny Beer comes with the convenient feature of always having a table in front of you to set your bunny beer on. This table is designed to curve in to accommodate your bulbous bunny beer belly, which is so much cuter and fluffier than the average beer belly.

Bunny Beer is Good For You :D[edit]

If you think drinking beer is bad for you, YOU'RE WRONG!!! Bunny beer is actually quite good for you, according to some scientists! It will make you so happy and all your problems will seem to go away! Because bunnies are far too stupid to understand life's problems! Now let me pause for a moment to talk about bunnies.... BUNNIES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"I HATE BUNNY BEER!!! I tastes like freakin' bunny joy, which real manly, gritty beer shouldn't taste like!!!"

-Oswald, 35, Georgia, USA

"I Love bunnies and anything I can do to get more bunny cuteness is Totally worth it!!!"

-Lisa, 29, California, USA

"@ Lisa, You freakin' idiot!"

-Oswald, 35, Georgia, USA

"I was recently going through going through pictures of myself from 20 years ago and I was surprised to find that I was once a human... I though I was always a bunny. Thank you, Bunny Beer!"

-Harry, 55, Wisconsin, USA

Side burns... I mean Side Effects[edit]

Drinking Bunny Beer has been known to have a long term effect of drinking Bunny Beer. This is not to be confused with addiction because an addiction occurs when the substance being partaken is not cute.

Drinking Bunny Beer has also been linked to midlife transformation into bunnies, though this could be due to a strange case of athlete's foot, or a splinter.... Anyways, why would you even care because turning into a bunny would be flippin' awesome!!!


"The parties responsible for Bunny Beer takes no responsibility for MLTB (Mid Life Transformation into Bunnies), and forbids the public appearance of said freaks. Violators will be subject to court trials and deprevation of carrots and life. Thank you for your time, and enjoy your Bunny Beer!"

-Jyorgen Von Shpeegan, President of Bunnies and Bunnies Inc.

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