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A typical Irish bumblebee of old Norfolk town, in the middle of a rock pile cult.

Bumblebees were OK at one time. But then they changed and became officially classified as "not OK", reflected by public opinion. But you probably already knew that, mainly because it was in the quote.

Bzzzzz... ouch! That bumblebee shot me in the head...[edit]

Bumblebees mostly jump around with guns shooting people in the Head and generally being a nuisence.

“Bumblebees are 'G.R.8'. If you think not, you sir are a bad egg.”

~ Bumblebee on bad eggz

Bees also work for pie

Bumblebee mind control[edit]

Bumblebees can muck up your mind by locking theirselves into your head. If this happens call in Jesus Christ and he will save ya!

If not report him.

The problem with bumblebees is that people now eat them. Do not even try this as you will fly like a bee too, and maybe crash into summert yeah?


Yes, you would like that wouldn't you, hippy?

No, because the twin towers do not exist.

~ Person


Yes it buzzes. Did you know? Well you do now, don't you? If you forgot then you will probably die from short term dying. Oh look, there's a dog sitting on my lap!


'Bee' all you can be.[edit]