Bucky the Bear

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Back in the 1370's, special scientists were created to study bears. They were called Bearotologists. Classic. Ever since these scientists were created, odd bears started to appear out of their hidey-holes. And these bears were vicious One of the stories is that of a hiker. One fine day, a hiker was truckin it up Mount Everest, and then a bear popped up out of what seemed to be a hole in the ground covered by snow. The bear activated, "Truck everything in sight" mode and attacked the hiker. A search-and-rescue helicopter was sent out to search for the hiker, because after 7 passed days without his family seeing him, the extraordinarily worried family called 911. They found a bear, which oddly was gray. And then they found the hiker. or at least the remains of him. There was a mangled head, and a decaying pelvis and cracked ribs. The news spread like wildfire, and nothing misses the attention of the 25 Dorks, They named the bear, Bucky, and then praised him. They did this because the hiker, was someone they all hated. His name was Fergus Janky. Once again, a declaration of war was proposed by the indians. The Dorks accepted.