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Brisingr is third Eragon book. When you hold a stick and shout BRISINGR! the stick will go into flames. Only Squirtle can quench these flames.

NOBODY MAKES FUN OF ERAGON BUT ME! -"Wha? Glaedr died?" "Eragon, I'm dead too." "Screw you oromis. Glaedr is DEAD!"

-Eragon discussing the death of Glaedr.


Glaedr was the awesomest character in the whole two books he lasted in. He was sooooo badassk. He died in Brisingr and they met him in Eldest. He lost a leg in battle. Did I mention he's a dragon?

  • Hes cool.
  • Hes very wise.
  • He rejected Saphira, who was madly in love with him.


  • Glaedr and his screwy sidekick Oromis die.
  • its the third book.
  • Eragon kills stuff.
  • I think Galbatorix the Bowsah wins.
  • I really don't know.
  • I bet you cried when Glaedr died.

Through the heart of Alagasia we plunge the sword of our army through! Hail Ra'zac!

No Ra'zac! I will kill you till you die and kill your skimpy master too.

Eragon! We hates you.

I Gollum now. Gives me the precious!

Wait WTF are you doing here? This is Inheritance, not Lord of the Rings!

It's close enough, Aragorn.

I told you it's ERAGON.

Hail Ra'zac! Are we gonna battle now? Oh here comes Glaedr!

Rawr! I'm Glaedr. Prepare to die you worms. Beetles. I destroy!

Yesh. To Dathomir we battle!


Yep it's me. Battle droids, get *cough cough* my lightsabers!

General Grievous! Get out of this book.

Fine! Let's go battle droids.

Roger roger!

Now where were we?


Oh great that creepy goblin is still here...