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The young brave was on his first hunting party and was on the move, soundlessly moving through the tall brush, stalking his quarry. Carefully keeping upwind, the things he was taught were now part of him, as if he were a machine set on automatic. His eyes scanned back and forth as he moved forward, purposefully but still carefully.

Suddenly, he spotted what he was looking for, not even a bowshot length away. He crouched down, trying to get as close as possible before making the final move. He still had not been spotted. He then went nearly to the ground to get even closer to insure success. He did not even breathe at this point so as not to give himself away. Closer and closer, until finally, he pounced!

There in his tightly clutched hands was his prize: a Camas lily with its edible tuber, that would be taken back to camp to feed the family. The young brave felt proud.

Suddenly he heard "Hey, Squanto! Quit fucking around and pick up the pace! We don't have all day, you know!". It was his sister. She was no fun at all. Next she was probably going to make fun of his Naruto outfit. Again.