Brass screw for a belly button

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Toni Braxton has such an outie”


It was 12:45 on 12th May 1987 a 37-year old woman had just given birth to a bright, healthy, 20 pound baby boy. This was the happiest day of the woman's life, nothing could spoil it. Soon after the baby had been cleaned up and weighed, the doctor examined the boy and realized something quite shocking. He discussed his findings with the other doctors on the ward but none of them had ever seen anything like it before.

He decided to confront the mother of the baby about his discovery. He passed the baby wrapped in a blanket to the mother and explained to her;

"I don't really know how to tell you this, but your son has a brass screw instead of a belly button."

"You're kidding!" the mother replied, aghast by the news.

"No," stated the doctor, "I'm not. I'm ever so sorry."

For years the boy with a brass screw in his belly button searching for an answer to his ailment, seeking medical help whenever he could. He lived through his teenage years getting tormented by other kids at his school, losing any friends that he would have even for just a short time.

Leaving school the boy decided to take a gap year before going off to university to study mechanics. The boy spent the first few months of the gap year researching his "illness" through the web with no luck. Then one day the boy happened to stumble across a site that would prove to be great help. A doctor was advertising the treatment of any mechanical related illnesses, the boy was ecstatic when he saw the offer and immediately emailed the doctor asking for further assistance. The doctor replied and they arranged to meet at the doctors office the following week.

It was the day of the meeting and the boy was becoming very nervous. Using notes from the doctors website the boy managed to find the surgery down a back alley in Camden, London. The boy was greeted by a beautiful looking secretary who told the boy that he had to wait five minutes until the doctor had finished with his previous patient. Nervously the boy took a seat in the waiting room.

Ten agonizing minutes passed until finally a man with a crow bar for a leg walked out of the doctors office followed by and old looking man dressed in rags. He called the boy into the room and explained to him that he was the doctor. Examining the boy's screw the doctor stated that he was unable to help the boy but he did know someone who could. The doctor reached into the draw of his desk and pulled out a dirty scrap of paper. He handed the paper to the boy and told him to use the information to find a witchdoctor that was living in the mountains of France.

The boy still had several months of his gap year left decided that he would travel to France to find the witchdoctor. His mother happily paid the boy enough money to cover his journey. As soon as you could say Rennie the boy had packed his bags and was on the plane heading towards the mountains of France.

After a night's rest the boy started his long journey up the mountains to meet the witchdoctor, with only the scrap of paper as guidance. It took several nights but finally the boy reached the witchdoctors door. The boy took a deep breath and kncoked on the door, a soft voice replied;

"Come in son.."

The boy slowly walked into the room and saw the witchdoctor sitting on the floor. The witchdoctor asked the boy to sit down and explain his problem to him. After telling the witchdoctor his story the boy was instructed to lie, nude, on the top of Table Mountain on a full moon.

The boy did not question the witchdoctors words and instead did exactly as he said. A week had passed and the boy had reached the top of Table Mountain. He proceeded to remove all of his clothes and lie naked in the snow. He felt chills run all the way down his back, but these where soon overcome by a warm feeling, the boy opened his eyes and saw a beam of light being projected from the moon, hitting the screw. The screw started to undo, winding and winding until it reached about half a foot in length. At this point it fell out sideways into the snow.

The boy was ecstatic, he stood up, rejoiced, and then his bum fell off.