Bouvet Island

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Souvenirs from Bouvet Island.

Bouvet Island (Norwegian: Bouvetøya) is an island truly in the middle of nowhere in the South Atlantic. Winkypedia somehow places it as being part of South America. This is because no other continent wants to be associated with it.

Bouvet is a possession of Norway. Norwegian explorers claimed it for their own when it reminded them so much of home, what with the ice and snow and utter desolation. Even with global warming, it is still essentially one big glacier. Where there are no Norwegians crazy or emo enough to even try to live there permanently, Norwegian expeditions visit regularly to get out of the house and to replace the weather station that has been blown away.

It was the site of the first Alien and Predator confrontation, which only ended when both sides got cold and went home. You would, too.