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Boonahtunfragnittaerenahfookiulmonahgad in 3004

Boonahtunfragnittaerenahfookiulmonahgad was the supreme-lord-commander-general of the World Army in the years 2075 - 2087.

He got his name from an ancient pickle farmer who lived in Super Japan. Boonahtunfragnittaerenahfookiulmonahgad sat upon his mighty throne of clovers and mud and watched over the land he controlled. He was born in 2024 and lived a total of 63 years of age. Boonahtunfragnittaerenahfookiulmonahgad died in the Great Ding Dong War from choking on the small pin of a gernade. After biting the pin out of the grenade he dropped it at his feet, choked, and blew up.

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