Bonzi Buddy

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“I'm Bonzi Buddy, fly me!!!”

“It's been nice gnawing you!”

His true form.
See what he's saying? That's a setup!

Bonzi Buddy is the most evil thing in the Non-Phyllian Universe. He was born to innocent parents and, when he was born, was innocent. But when he was ten years old, he discovered the sheer power of being evil.

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Later, he discovered he was invincible due to being descended from Epa, one of the 3 original Masters of the Art of NEDM. Of course, he used his newfound invincibility for evil purposes. The limited NEDM-power also allowed him to hack into computers. When he was thirteen, he developed a computer virus that allowed him to telepathically annoy people while messing up their hard drive. When he was sixteen, he started a street gang called the Bonzi Gang, which became the Bonzi Army in 1996. He speaks like a messed-up Microsoft Sam.