Bonzi Army

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At last, the Bonzi Army, 50,000 strong, had reached the gigantic gates of the Happycat domain.

They had advanced in square formations to within a bowshot of the gates when the gates opened and the defenders poured out. The Bonzi Army was soon completely surrounded. But they were not surrounded by either cats, cat-girls or Doraemon clones. These were all orcs. Then many in the army spied Mount Doom through the open gates. They were at Moria, not anywhere in the Happycat Dimension!

Their leader, Errorgon, looked down at the ground and muttered something about old AAA maps and not making a left at a place called Albuquerque. He then tried to rally his now cowering troops by yelling, "For Fritos!!!", but they were already panicking and trying to run away to no avail.