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Wristwatch A.jpg

Yeah, Bolivia. They make wristwatches there.

How do I know? Company's been around for years. Very famous. I'm surprised you never heard of them.

So I was downtown and saw this watch store was going out of business and I went in to see if there was something I wanted. Sure enough I found this one, name brand, day/date, very accurate. I see the tag and it said the retail was $1500 but they were letting it go for $750. Well, you know, being a businessman, I knew I could get a better deal than that. We went around for a little bit, but I got the salesman to cave and I got this little beauty for $200. Bolivia, yeah, It says it right on the face. Look.

Yes, that's the real time. See, these things are extremely accurate. Your clock is wrong. And there is so an April 31 because it says so right there. So then... why, yes, it's the place with the big signs that say "closing tonight" and "going out for business". You know it? So anyway, I had them cornered so I was able to get good deals on watches for Don Jr. and Melania and...

The fuck. Why are you laughing? Sometimes I just don't understand you, Vladimir.