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Bob Bob Flobbadob?[edit]

The name is Bob and the job do not concern them. Flob the Bob to job the hob. Slob.

One day Bob decided to go postal and went down to the local gunstore. The action was terrifying, when trying to confront the moose...

Help I can't continue this... I or eye can't bear to explain this carnage.

The crazy fool that was called Bob had a clob of dirt on his shoe because he stepped in a lump of pooh.

The doctors tried to remove it but they couldn't prove it was a dollop of smollop of wallop and dododododododod dooodle doo.

Bob. What a crazy dude.

yeah, he was a bit of a whack job but at least he wasn't a Job whack! I mean if he was I'd have to run to my room and cry before using my mothers sympathy to convince her to give Bob a stern talking to as well as a swift slap to the face - lucky he's only a whack job eh?

number of bobs loved enough by their parents to recieve a real name since you started reading this page


Number of kids

100000000000000 lol i lie it's