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A blunderbuss is a make of bus. It built itself in 1958 of its own free will. Today it terrorizes the countryside with a really nice and helpful industrial aesthetic. Nice bussy, don't kill me.

Blunderbusses are faster and more reckless than the average bus. They are known for their disobedience to the laws of taste and nature.


In 2003, the blunderbuss was briefly the rival of the Wikibus, an experimental bus steered by 40 steering wheels and braked by consensus. Blunderbuss attended the memorial.

Other facts about the blunderbuss[edit]

  • Can bench enough more than you to get every girl you'll ever meet.
  • It isn't a bull in the China shop; it IS the China shop.
  • It collected them all.
  • And they say that a blunderbuss could save us. I'm not going to stand here and wait.
  • Norris number of 3.
  • Its idea of the shortest distance from A to B: go the direction opposite B, travel around the globe.
  • Sings all songs at once, in the key of ^.

Ride the wild[edit]