Blogging accident

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  This article is quoted from a chatroom somewhere. 

[15:29:27]	<jonathans>	it's all fun and games until a blogger blogging about 
				dying in a blogging accident dies in a blogging accident.
[15:29:37]			then it's epic fun and games
[15:29:48]	<jonathans>	legendary finishing move
[15:30:07]	<To0n>		heh
[15:30:39]			jonathans: It's not epic unless there's procreation involved in the incident
[15:30:52]	<jonathans>	i guess if that happened you'd have to call it something like blogocessaquinification
[15:30:53]	<To0n>		some sort of new beginning
[15:31:12]	<jonathans>	it'd be a new beginning for the depths of my lungs
[15:31:23]			as particles which have not been exposed to the world were laughed out
[15:31:28]			onto the surface of my monitor