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Observe the horror of the Bleeble!

Briefest Description of what it is[edit]

The Bleeble is a combination of various animals and paints. Created by a famous scientist named Fluffy McPeterson III

Brief Description of Physical Appearence[edit]

A Bleeble not to be confuzzled with the Sheeble has the head of an enraged howler monkey, pink hair, has blue pupils in his eyes, the arms of Fred Fred Burger, Godzilla's body, and red boots.


The Bleeble eats:

  • Muddy Twigs
  • Belly Buttons
  • Ducks
  • Fnurdles
  • Uber-Sandals
  • Slinkies
  • Nacho Cheese


Bleebles live in the murky swamps of the Sahara Dessert. They make their homes out of toothpicks and purple soda bottles.

Briefest Description of Homes[edit]

One roomed crude little huts.

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