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Blee is a word that has so many meanings it can make your brain explode. If you're not on my favorite users list then you'd better try and understand the word NOW.

To blee or not to blee? That is the question.

~ Shakespeare on bleeing

Blee? Blaam blaam bauo blam blam blaaah!

~ Pingu on bleeing

The word was invented by the dark side of the moon down a misused alleyway where homeless people play 9 pin bowling with stale cauliflower and toilet roll cylinders. Yes, it's just outside the Cosmic Plaza. I know, the Coca Cola they sell there is real flat. It's like the fat barman lady has been sat on the bottle for a week.

Blee is also in consideration of being made a country, thanks to the amazing powers of Illogicopedia. So you'd better watch out, you'd better start crying, you'd better not run 'cause I'm telling you why. Gary Glitter's coming to town. Garry Glitter's coming to town. Gary Glitter's coming.... you get the idea. VAMOOSH!

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