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“I can never undo them bla straps”

Bla is three quarters of blah. This makes it an outcast to society: the blah that nobody wants. Living in marginalised existence, the bla encounters much prejudice as it goes about its everyday life, constantly teased by the blahs. Sometimes, events take a much more violet turn as blas become purple.

The Save the Bla Foundation was founded to find a solution to bla abuse.

¿Bold text?[edit]

Yes, indeed. Bold text can be construed as bla, though in may societies it is seen as taboo to speak of this. As such, we shall skirt over this matter.

Critical analysis of the blah[edit]

Following is a selection of quotes from real-life blas subject to years of violent abuse:


~ Fnurdle Contemplating Life, the Universe and Bla

WTF? Canada is an Alien!

~ Confused, deranged kangaroo

The Banana is Still My Favorite Brother. Vote Banana for a brighter future, my friends!

~ Bla sufferer in advanced stages

Oh sorry, I now see the title was a typo. My blad.