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Bionicle (or BIONICLE for those die-hard fans who may be reading this) is a science fiction franchise with kick-ass product placement.

Year 1[edit]

The Toa show up on Mata Nui. They defeat some Rahi, a diverse classification of Mata Nuian beats, and take their masks. They find some more masks, and then decide to go defeat Makuta.

Year 2[edit]

Mata Nui is overrun by some Bohrok, a homogenous group of robot balls that have different colors; each Bohrok only interacts with other Bohrok of its own color. Lewa somehow gets a krana on his head, thus becoming a de facto Bohrok. The Toa manage to stave off the devastation, and then decide to go defeat the Bohrok's mothers.

The Toa become the Toa Nuva.

Year 3[edit]

Part 1[edit]

The Bohrok Kal, a homogenous group of robot balls that have different colors, come out to try to free the Bohrok's mothers. The Bohrok Kal manage to do some damage on Mata Nui, and then decide to go defeat themselves.

Part 2[edit]

Takua and Jaller find a mask, and then go look for the seventh Toa.

It turns out Makuta wasn't really defeated. He sends out the Rakhshi, a homogenous group of upright-walking lizards that have different colors.

Takua becomes Takanuva, and then decides to go defeat Makuta. For real this time? Probably not.

Year 4[edit]

Which is really like year -111000000000.

Mata Nui announces his selection for the new Toa of Metru Nui by putting some stars in the sky (that's in the middle of the planet they're on, which apparently is Mata Nui). However, he puts the wrong ones, and then Makuta changes them to the right ones. Toa Likhan and another Toa give masks to the right Matoran, and they become Toa. Turaga Dume (pronounced DOO-mah) gets deaded by Makuta (I think), and then Makuta pretends to be Turaga Dume, imposes martial law, and puts all the Matoran to sleep in balls. But before he does all this, a giant root terrorizes Metru Nui and at least one of the Matoran who didn't become a Toa betray the Toa. Then Vakama has an existential crisis but stops having it and convinces Makuta to do something good for once. Afterwards, all the Toa decide to go defeat Makuta.

The Toa take the balls to Mata Nui and wake them up, becoming Turaga.

Year 5[edit]

To be continued. If I ever remember to continue this...