Bing's Adventure

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One gay, Bing was swimming in a lake with Joshua the Juggling Jellyfish. They loved to have adventures together. Suddenly they found themselves on a pirate ship. 'How did we get here?' asked Bing. They looked around in surprise. 'Wow this is fabulous' said his companion, and walked into a wall. 'Ouch!'. Suddenly they realised there was an avalanche starting. They noticed a fridge and decided to hide behind it, and to their surprise they found two bicycles lying on the ground. 'That was a close one' said Bing , the amazement clear in his voice. 'I've got an idea' said Joshua the Juggling Jellyfish. 'Let's grab these surfboards and make good our escape.' They got home safely and to this day they turn around three times before going to sleep.