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Billy Mays here with another fantastic product!

Billy Mays here with the amazing can of spaghetti-o-s!

Builly Mays here with the amazing Bernie Eiffel!!!!!

Buillion Mays here with the amazing new Genitalia!

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This is not Billy Mays.

Etymolgy y Espanol[edit]

Bill Mays is a man of few words, except when he uses many words. Let it be shown that on Septober 32, 1980, Billy Mays ate a full can of Spaghetti-o-s, live on tape. He died, and then everybody cared about a man they never knew, a man who peddled off sSwiffer Wet jets as if they were Kanye West tapes. he was also the king of the Griddle Slider, a magical, mystical machine that griddled and slided, and occasionally collapsed into a pocket.

A very rare fact about Billy Mays is that his full name is Biblical Cornmays.

Help, please.[edit]

Does anybody have the fecal matter? Billy Mays does! he sells a fecal matter of all sorts. he has a beloved beard. He l=will live on in our hearts. Thank you, and thenk me, and now, we must all say Good Night.

For Brits[edit]

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