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Woah I'm spaced. Yeah thees Billiard Gate has like a, dude gimme som more o that. Like a red shiny button like with axle grease on it.

~ Random hippy in vegas on top of Bill Gates's computer

Basicly if you try to assassinate Bill Gates like we all have at some point and he catches you then basicly your computers f*cked!

Example.jpg Bill Gates spotting you attempting to assassinate him.

Is there any solution to this certain damnation Combatting Bill[edit]

To stop Bill pressing the button that will cause your computers demise you should invest in Anti-Bill Gates software, a firewall or a sniper.

Example.jpg Anti-Bill Gates software in action.

Example.jpg An observer of the proceedings.

So remember to download copious amounts of porn from dodgy websites and shoot any one who says otherwise.

Example.jpg A satisfied Bill Gates sniperer.