Big Bad Wolf

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The Big Bad Wolf is often seen in the woods stealing pickanick baskets. Oh wait, wrong story... he's actually seen in the chocolate forest near the gingerbread house. Careful, for he will bite your arm off, and sell it on the black market for a copy of Gran Turismo 6! And it isn't even out yet!

Measures for BBW (that's Big Bad Wolf) protection[edit]

I evade them using Lynx wolf protection deodorant.

~ Cheapo product placement

Purchase a BBW protection pack from your local chemist or grocery store and read the enclosed instruction booklet. Next, produce a large mallet from hammerspace and use it to erect a large structure of straw. When the wolf blows it down:

  1. Punch him in the nose
  2. Run off.

Beware, failure to follow step 2 can result in fatalities, and not the Mortal Kombat kind.

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