Berlin (band)

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Terri Nunn 01.jpg

Music genre

Formed 1978
Location Orange County, California
Active heck, yeah
Lead singer Terri Nunn

Other personnel

Who cares?

Best known songs

The Metro, Sex (I'm a...), Take My Breath Away

Height of lead singer

1.67 m (5 ft 6 in)

Weight of lead singer

Who cares?

Times lead singer posed nude for Penthouse while underaged


Hair color of lead singer

Two-tone; original long forgotten

Education of lead singer

Doesn't matter

Times lead singer rejected for role as Princess Leia


Times lead singer kidnapped by aliens


Times lead singer was hit on by Giorgio Moroder



Berlin is a synthpop band originating in the era of New Wave music. They were name for the city, but which city is a matter for debate. Their song Dancing in Berlin does not provide a clue, since anyone can dance anywhere except maybe North Korea.

Their close association with Giorgio Moroder led to the number one song Take My Breath Away, from the Scientology recruitment film Top Gun. But what gave them their big start was the blatantly dirty Sex (I'm a...) that got them banned by many radio stations but noticed by a lot of dirty-minded radio listeners who themselves made fake noises during sex.

Except for a brief hiatus for an acting career, Terri Nunn has been the lead vocalist and the only constant member throughout the band's history. She returned since John Crawford in drag and singing falsetto just didn't cut it. She now performs with the grandchildren of the original group founders, having done a deal with Satan Bunny to remain eternally youthful.

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