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Ich bin ein pfannkuchen!

~ John F. Kennedy

Berlin is the capital city of Germany and home to the terrorist mime troupe known as the Berlin Philharmonic Orchestra.

While the city itself has always been perfectly safe, the surrounding area has historically been quite dangerous. This is recorded as far back as 9 AD when a group of Romans on their way to a performance of The King and I were struck down in the Teutoborg Forest by Wotan, the Germano-Nordic god of parking enforcement.

After its urban renewal project know as World War II, Berlin became the capital of only two countries after being the major city of nearly all of Europe and one of the moons of Mars. Since its residents appreciate a good challenge, a wall was built so that commuters could get some exercise, as well as providing a backdrop for Harry Palmer stuff and other Cold War thriller movies. Vandals finally tore that wall down in 1989. It was replaced by vicious dogs and neo-Nazis as newer challenges to avoid.

Berlin is the home of Currywurst, sausage with curry ketchup. A shocked Russia has therefore aimed most of its nuclear weapons at the city, just in case.

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