Belfast Willomy pine

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In Belfast the city council has a park beside the university called botanic gardens, and in the park there is a tree in front of the museum, apparently called a willomy pine.

This tree was said to have been the last of its kind and quite a rarity because it was infertile. Because of this fact an elderly gentleman (before the tree was brought to Belfast) decided to purchase it and place it in the gardens.

Now because this was no ordinary tree and quite small in stature, it needed to be protected, from thieves and vandals, so the elderly gentleman (who will remain nameless for embarresment reasons) decided he would build a cage to place around the tree, but this wasnt any cage, it was a cage which had two sets of 3mm thick wire mesh as its core and 4 inch steel as its frame, and the ground where the cage would stand would be taken away first then filled when the cage was in place so that half of the cage would be in the ground as an extra precaution. All in all the cost to the elderly gentleman in time and money was catasrophic, but this was dwarfed by the fact that a few weeks later more trees of this kind which were not infertile appeared and B&Q started selling them for £20.