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Before independence.

“Belarus is where there are tons of bells. BELLS! Hol₨.”

~ Quasimodo

Belarus is a former Russian republic wedged between Poland and Russia. It is named for Bela, the werewolf son of Maleva. No one knows why.

It gives the appearance of being a rather sloppy state. In declaring independence, they completely forgot to add "stan" to the end of its name. Plus its new national flag is just the old Soviet one with the star and hammer and sickle removed.

Its president-probably-for-life Alexander Lukashenko has recently stopped using Russian in his speeches. That and his declaration that "we are not Russians but Belarusians" usually means the literal kiss of death. However, Lukashenko has held out the offer of reunification, putting Putin to sleep by laying out the long and agonizing details needed to make that happen.

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