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“I always wanted a ten inch pianist.”

~ Beethoven on misunderstanding a modern joke. He did die a long time ago you know.

Benthoven was a pianist who wrote many symphonies. HeSHE was dead later in life. All of his HER symphonies were self titled and signed "Edward Elgar".

Of course[edit]

Bethovy (let's call her beth) Beth was a fat hamburger loving arlet from the early 1900s. I believe she is seen in the Phantom of the opera eating a man's nose. Wait what? oh ya Beth is a guy I think. Or it is a girl. Balding? ???

Never mind anything above. I am starting over.[edit]

BEETHOVYNE LIVES UP STAIRS!!!! or does he get eaten by the worms and WIERD FISHES! So Beatyhozen was a bat who lived in the rafters. My mother killed him. He wrote songs, went deaf, and died mysteriously. Only he wasn't a bat. He was a compsoser. No I change my mind. He was a dolphin. I have always liked dolphins. In Jaws 3 there are dolphins. I thought they died, but in the end they didn't. I like dolphins. Bettyhover was a dolphin. But dolphins dont have crazy hair. Beertthkevthinjin did. But Dolphins have to have hair. They are mammals, and every mammal has hair. Beethocresoven had hair. And was a bat. No peanut. No dolphin, no!!! HUMAN? no, he was a dolphin.

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