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Beast Walrus (n)(Beest Wahlrus.) The Beast Walrus is a mythical creature which lives in both the Arctic and the Antarctic. It has a strange affinity of facing left and looking South but is more widely recognized by its flaming tail which grows brighter and dimmer depending on its mood and life state. In some cultures, the Beast Walrus is hailed as a form of deity, which brings judgment upon those who do not show proper reverence and respect. To their dismay, those who do not adhere to Beast Walrus' rhetoric are said to be cast away with the unwanted ones into a life of utter corruption and disdain. It is for this reason that the Beast Walrus' everlasting flaming tail has been the icon, and pinnacle for the foundation for justice.

Other Beliefs[edit]

Some hold the idea that the Beast Walrus is a predecessor of the Monster Walrus, as told in the Tale of New Beginnings, which states, "...It was silent, only the sound of the wind whipping past my ears, when suddenly, out of the depths of the land, a Giant Monster of a Walrus with everlasting flaming tusks reared up on its hind flippers, and opened its mouth to swallow me whole. . . . off in the distance I could hear a war cry of over 200 decibels, a holler that could pierce the sun. It was then that I knew..." The myth goes on to account for the placing of Man and Women in the Garden of Eden as a result from escaping the Monster Walrus from the planet Venus. Claims which since haven't been acknowledged nor accounted for. Not much is really known about the Beast Walrus, and only few have claimed to see it. It is a phenomena which continues to occur as legend more so than reality, and is also said to be the cause of the northern lights.

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