Bavarian Order of the Spork

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Oa' »Spork« - Oan Ißlöffl un' oana Gowi 'zommrstelltet gwordn

~ Etaoin Shrdlu

The Bavarian Order of the Spork is an award given by the Bavarian Illuminati to recognize good sportsmanship, dedication to sporkishness, going two weeks or more without a shower, a bad case of carbs, opposing Oprah and defending Scientology, opposing Scientology and defending Oprah, and/or faith in the Flying Spaghetti Monster. Also for any reasons the Illuminati want. Their ways are mysterious.

History of the Order[edit]

Almost nothing is known of their early history, other than an obvious link to Bavaria and to Sporks. Links to the American based Spoon and Fork Club are sketchy at best.

Recipients of Note[edit]

  • Dr. Wilhelm "Goose-Step Mama" von Spork
  • Mark J. Malo S7fc BOotS

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