Battle with David

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Alright. This was a bad idea.

First, the trio of Metalflower, Hindleyite and HellooleH join up to attempt to beat me, but fail. The battle starts. Metalflower uses Multi Slash to deal about 326 damage to me. Hindleyite throws cheese at me for 665 damage. What'd you expect me to say? 666? No way. HellooleH casts Flame Burst on me, dealing 102 damage. Then, I cast Logic Blast. It deals 550 damage to Hindleyite (Who has 1000 HP), 600 to HellooleH (Who has 550.) HelloleH is defeated. Metalflower decides since we're both the emporer of a country to join up and pwninate Illogicopedia and the world.

As for Hindleyite, he finds an a mac laptop which was from Canada.

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