Battle With Raggle Fraggle King

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Warning: You are about to battle with the great and mystical Ragglefraggleking.

What you will need[edit]

  • A thick rope
  • SomeWHAT?! number two's potato (from that IRC chat awhile ago)
  • A tight belt
  • A gigantic bubble

RFK's Powers and Abilities[edit]

He has nacho action power. He can summon the powers of Flub Nugget's magic banana. He has the only replica of Seppy's Ultimate Shotgun. RFK can consume large amounts of sugar thus, making him SUPER MEGA AWESOME DOOPER HYPER ACTIVE MODE! In this mode he will be invincible, so do not feed him sugar. Ragglefraggleking also has the powers of the mighty Chewbacca, so watch out.


===You Have Died

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