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The pural of bat, bats are large flying rodent like thingys, that eat something called insects, or something like that.

They are kind of creepy looking, and make lousy pets, unless you are Dracula.

Why bats make lousy pets.[edit]

1) They are not cute and cuddly.

2) They can crap all over the place, and the crap smells.

3) They make really loud noises, that annoy neighbours.

4) You will have to feed them lots of insects, and mice, when means having lots of insects and mice, in your house.

5) Contray to popular belief, they don't fight crime.

Why bats might kind of make ok pets, but not in apartments.[edit]

1) They make excellent alarm systems, and keep security a lot better, than dogs.

2) Hate having visitors at your house, own a bat!

3) Free fertilzer!

more bats than you can shake a stick ats[edit]