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It is a given that the bathroom is the most dangerous room of the house. No less than 100% of bathroom accidents occur in the bathroom. With that sobering statistic in mind, think twice about making toast with an electric toaster or blowtorch while you take a bath and use the butterdish for a little toy boat.

In every horror or action movie, the protagonist or stupid anonymous victim always heads for the bathroom when being chased by the bad guy(s). Now where are you going to hide in a public restroom? Pretend to be a hand dryer? Everybody knows the "stand on the pot" trick, so that's not going to work; bad guys watch movies, too. And a home bathroom door might have a lock on it, but the bad guy is going to have an axe or something to take out the door. Nice of you to get killed in the room that's the easiest to clean, though.


The solution is to make your house all bathrooms only, arranged like in the hallway scene in The Matrix. That way, you don't have to decide where to hide and you will confuse your pursuer(s). Just remember what happened to The Keymaker when he took too long to find the right door. Otherwise, never, ever go to the bathroom. Better to just hold it and be safe rather than sorry.