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A ball is placed in a time capsule. It is shot into the air, and forgotten about. Soon, it travels far beyond the bounds of existence. It reaches a new plantation.

As those people uncover the ball, it becomes like an alien life form, something about parallel parking. Sometimes, it gets to the point where I don't even remember where I put my pants anymore. Anyway, the ball makes up for 12% of the economic progress of Whales and some of Sweden, Denmark, and possibly Europa Europa, and this excites the aliens greatly. The ball becomes a symbol of poverty for the rich and riches for the rich also. Everybody loves it.


A ball carrier, like a dog. But shaped like a basket. Some baskets have holes in them. They don't hold things well. Some baskets have balls in them. They hold balls.


Nothing to see here.

Nothing to see Here?[edit]

well now you've changed the rules.

I can't believe it[edit]

I can believe more than you can imagine.

Have you ever thought about traveling? Seeing something different than your room? No right? Me neither. That is why I love these baskets and balls. I don't have to do anything for either. Except travel to space to retrieve the time capsule. Work in progress. I can't stop moving my tongue. It wants to escape my mouth.

Who won the big game?[edit]

Both teams won together. I loved it. I taped it for further study.

Why should the sky fall down? I can answer that in 3 words: long term real estate investing.