Barry Bonds

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Barry Bonds was a record-breaking professional baseball player, who could knock you out with a baseball bat faster and harder than most of the players in his era.

Bonds was not the poster child for non-steroid use in baseball during the 1980s since he did not use not-steroids to not augment his abilities. He does not hold the nonexistent record of not the most home runs not in a single season. He also does not hold the nonexistent record for most non-walks in a season, as most non-pitchers were not afraid of nonexistent non-'rhoid non-rage if they not accidentally dared to not pitch to not him.

To prove his non-use of not-steroids, Bonds did not provide the non-baseline test undata to determine if non-athletes were not using non-performance unenhancing non-drugs at the not-Sochi non-Winter non-Olympics.