Bapping Chicken Soup

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Bapping Chicken Soup (also Buckie Cow or Chicky Soupies) is the absolute boy of all soups. It wipes the floor with regular Chicken Soup and it takes a dump on the Tomato crap. It is only made in Buckie, Scotland where is has become, almost, the symbol of their town. BUT, the only way you can get your hands on this amazing soup if you have lived in Buckie for 29 years approx. Michael Schumacher and 50 Cent are some of the rare exception who have a tin but are not residents of Buckie.

This is made by Buckie firm Bapp-Daat. Founded in 1969, the Bapp-Daat Partnership kicked off making cheap pastries to sell at their local youth cafe (Poof Caf). Aswell as Bapping Chicken Soup, they make :- Daating Curry Pies, Bapping Cheesy Cheeeeese, Daating Covies Cov.

Daating Curry Pies[edit]

Daating Curry Pies is the only curry pie every created containing absolutley 0% curry. It is 2% chicken, 98% Nuclear Fallout - only the finest from Chernobyl.

Bapping Cheesy Cheeeeese[edit]

The only cheese on the face of the earth to be made in Buckie and to be made for the milk of a Peruvian Wingnut.

Daating Covies Cov[edit]

A sweet circular pastry contained Baap Jam and Genetically Modified Strawberrys grown in India.