Banana Backed Sloth Bat

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The Banana Backed Sloth Bat is an animal living in the Amazon rainforest, not the one in South America, the one were you buy things over the internet.

Animalologicalidociousness (Biology)[edit]

The banana backed bat sloth is a two toed sloth with bat wings for front arms, reddish fur, peach skin, and has bananas growing from it's back that grow back after being removed. They throw them into the mouths of predators (they can see them when they're invisible and the can punch holes in their masks) to make them full so they won't eat them. They ate the dinosaurs in South America to extiction, so now they eat Jodie Foster Lizards. They are 7 ft. (screw you meters) tall and 85 lbs. (screw you kilograms). Their wings are 12 ft. (screw you meters) in wingspan.

Action (Reprodution)[edit]

In the Winter months, they migrate from Amazon to Youtube to escape the stress of Christmas Shopping. They the proceed to get freaky and lay their eggs in Google, Ask, or sometimes eBay. The babys (called Clevelands) look like Brittany Spears with wings, so they are unfavorable among predators, aliens, and terminators. The Clevelands drink their mother's milk for a few weeks, then Marilyn Manson flies, and finally the cruchy, but ugly and whiny Jodie Foster Lizards. The Clevelands stay in that stage until they become teens (Atlantas), and then adults( Brooklyns-Male, San Fransiscos-Females). The mothers are very protective of their babies. If anyone tries to leave a negative comment about, parody, or Rickroll their babies, they go kame-hame-ha on their bootays.