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Banalas are like Bananas except they often make cameos in movie-spinoff computer games such as Spiderman and The Hulk. They strive to make these games get terrible reviews via throwing a brick and said reviewers' computer screens. Banalas are also working with Pineapples and Winnipeg to control your minds by turning down your stereo by a few decibels. Ohnoeswtf!


Leetspeek leetspeek? No. Leetspeekn't nown't (notn't)n't. No leetspeek for you madam and your tentacled baby. Do you realise your baby is overweight? *eats baby's head* there, that solved the problem. That should do something for its BMI. Why are you screaming? Why am I surrounded by the police? WHY ARE MOVIE GAMES SO BAAAAD? Why is this man having Homosecks with me in a shower? He only wanted me to give him the carefully positioned bar of soap. Oh. I think it's all coming to me now. Wait, no, that's just the inmate bumming me. WHY?!!

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