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A ball is one half of the famous double act that gained popularity by hanging between the legs of men. They are also a spherical object used in sports, mice, rats, Metal Mickey's rectum and your face. And they can also congeal as some lame dance-fest for people over the age of life.

Godism's view of the ball[edit]

Balls do not exist!! People do not reproduce, babies fall from the prostate of God!!!

~ The Popemeister on his view of the Ball

Godistic people deny the existance of balls, saying that humans appeared from God's ass, not from each other's wangs.

This is bullcrap, balls exist according to scientists and normal people alike!!

Qualities of the Ball[edit]

The Ball (in the dangly wrinkley sense) plays an important role in reproduction. When prompted to do so, it seduces females by wobbling and becomming even more wrinkled, thus aiding the sparkling stallion's attempts to 'pull'. It can also bounce around and go in goals etc. Roflized.

Facts about balls[edit]

remember to feast your balls on...[edit]