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Backstreet Hobos Boys are four stupid hobos from Sweden. They to swedish to be, is sick. The band mebers are: Normal Sweden Man, Swedish Rapper, Swen, a white version of Snoop Dogg and some guy.

Unintresting Stuff History[edit]

Backstreet Hobos Boys was born by an hobo familly. Their parents was lazy, and did meet 42 strangers each day. Friday the 13th the 42th stranger was a murder, and they cried. 42 years later, they decided to be famous. They called themself Backstreet Boys Hobos. They decided that Backstreet Boys Hobos would sound dumb for them ( `cus they are dumb ), so they called themselfs Backstreet Hobos Boys. They became famous. And they lived dumb ever after.

Their Fails Famous for[edit]

  • Being cool Being geeky
  • Doing something cool Sleeping
  • Being American Being Swedish

Dislikes Likes[edit]

Likes Dislikes[edit]

Their Stupidity Rank Counting[edit]

  • Life:1
  • Speed:3
  • Stupidity:123456789
  • Likely to die:0%
  • They can`t swim Swimming Style:Dumb Boring Repetive Lame None
  • God Power:0
  • How Stupid They Are Final Rank:0: Backstreet Boys had done nothing! Get a life, Backstreet Boys!