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BackSpace is a social networking site, a relaunch of myspace. It will soon be the latter's equal in being a failure of epic proportions.

At one time, myspace exceeded even Google in number of visits though naturally still far behind the major porn sites. However, after failing to come up with sufficient bribe money for Google, it was soon passed up by Facebook, also now a repository of dead people's past doings. After several redesigns, BackSpace was created as a brand new platform.

As BackSpace was conceived by chimpanzees who work cheap, the site has no public interface whatsoever. However, this has led to an upward spike in Google searches and dark web searches, as curiosity about BackSpace hit an all-time high. BackSpace executives gave themselves huge bonuses as a result. However, interest plunged and Backspace was itself redesigned, with a picture of a squirrel holding an acorn appearing on the site, but nothing more. Exceutives paid themselves bonuses again, leaving $100 in the treasury for "a rainy day".

As Craigslist has become the place to go for prostitutes and for robbery of potential buyers, BackSpace now seeks to be the meeting place for drug users and drug dealers. Approval is currently being held up in the US Congress, since senators are insisting that some kind of deep discount be given to them for being such good customers.

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