Baby Mofo

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Baby in flames.jpg

“Who choo callin' Baby, fool? Yo mumma, set us some milk!”

“YO!!! Diaper change! What the fuck you doing that keeps you leaving every 20 minutes?”

“Demanding? Me? I'm not the one that Grandma calls 'Devil Child'.”

Hellooooo! Supper time! Do I have to call social services on your ass AGAIN?”

HAAAALP!!! Don't just %$*%@ stand there and let aliens kidnap me!!!”

“HAAAAALP! Make the aliens take me back to my planet! Wind up that mobile and change my diaper!!!”

“HAAAAAALP! Someone get that baby into the transporter and fire it into space!!!”

“Please sign here for your delivery of 100 lbs. of baby poo.”

~ Captain Oblivious, diaper service delivery guy